Here you can create your festival account:

Metronome Festival Prague joins world festivals such as Coachella, Tomorrowland, or Garorock and will use RFID technology to control entry to the festival and ensure cashless payments at all venues in the festival area this year. The entire festival will be held in cash.

Every visitor will receive his RFID bracelet at the entrance to the festival. It will be his identifier and a digital wallet. At the same time, each visitor will be able to set up his / her cashless account (see below), where he / she will be able to manage his / her account, recharge credit online or block the bracelet in the event of loss or theft, thus avoiding misuse of the funds.

RFID technology brings:

Quick check-in at the festival entrance
Shorter queues at sales points
Secure payment at the festival
Empty pockets without the need to carry coins
Visitors have an accurate overview of all the spend
RFID Bracelet

You will receive your RFID bracelet at the entrance to the festival instead of presenting a valid ticket. The bracelet will be assembled by the festival's staff, while putting on the bracelet not too tight, at the same time but not too loose. The same rules apply to using the RFID bracelet as for classic ticket bands. Therefore, do not remove the bracelet once it is deployed, it contains a safety seal that automatically breaks down when the attempt is made and the wristband is devalued. There are two codes on the back of the bracelet. These codes serve to match a bracelet with a cashless account (see below).

Cashless account

Creating a cashless account will bring you a number of benefits! From the first week of June will run a registration page where you will be able to create your cashless account. Within your account, you can manage past transactions, link your account with a ticket or bracelet, recharge your account with funds online, or request a refund of funds charged at the festival by cash or card. Unused funds recharged online will be automatically returned to you in accordance with the Festival's refund policy within 5 business days of the end of the festival. You can also block your bracelet in the event of a loss or theft, in order to avoid potential misuse of your funds. The cashless account page is also available on smart mobile devices, so you can manage your account directly at the festival.

Account charging with funds

You can recharge your account in three ways. The simplest is to charge an online credit card within a non-cash account. ONLINE RECHARGING will be possible from the start of the non-cash account registration page. The condition of recharging online is to pair an account with a ticket or a bracelet if you already have a festival and a bracelet you have won. The benefits of ONLINE RECHARGING are mainly to avoid possible queues at recharging stations. At the same time, funds recharge online will be refunded automatically after the festival in accordance with the Festival's refund policy, without the need to claim a refund in the relevant non-cash account section.

Besides recharging online, you can of course also use physical recharge stations in the festival area where you can recharge your account by cash or by card. The main recharge station is directly opposite the main entrance to the festival grounds. There will be a cashier of Česká spořitelna at the festival grounds.

Linking a non-cash account with an RFID bracelet / ticket

For the full functionality of a non-cash account, it is necessary to link it with a festival ticket or an RFID bracelet if you are already at the festival and you got it at the entrance. If you create your account before a festival, you will need your ticket to the festival or its barcode. In the TICKET / LABEL section, paste it into the appropriate form. Thanks to this, the system will link your ticket and account, and when you enter the festival ticket, you will be able to automatically link your account with the bracelet you receive. If you are already at the festival and have a bracelet on hand, use the two unique codes on the back of the festival. The procedure is the same as for the ticket, just select the form for the bracelet instead of the form for the ticket. In this section you can also freeze the bracelet in the event of theft or loss to prevent its misuse.